Hi, I'm Laura, a digital copywriter and content strategist, owner of this small business, mum and home-schooler of two boys, keen climber, lover of cats, terrible baker, excellent maker of curries.

I help business-builders write the words for their website content and blog posts.

Before you hide under the table muttering “no writing, I can't do the writing, the writing is too hard”, please trust me - if you want to write your own online content, you can.

You may feel stuck, awkward and lost for words right now, but I've helped hundreds of entrepreneurs find their writing mojo, get the words out of their head and onto their website, and even sprinkle in glimpses of their own fabulous personality too.

Copywriting & Content Marketing Help

Are you a business-builder? Do you want to get better at writing your own web copy and marketing content? Would you like hands-on help from an experienced digital copywriter and content marketing strategist? Then I'd love to have you join the Worditude VIPs.

Let's Talk About Me

Grab a cuppa and come and read my backstory, so I can reassure you in a professional, yet entertaining manner, that I do know what I'm doing.

Read my imaginatively titled About page.

Free Stuff

I blog about the power of online content, and how you can write website copy and blog posts that draw new clients to you like ants to ice cream.

Get the guided tour to my shed-load of musings, and enormous collection of free stuff on the Start Here page.

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You've already signed up for updates from Worditude. Aren't you magnificent! Did you know I've got a free Facebook Group? Come and join your fellow business-builders learning to wrangle words here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/worditude/ And for F-R-E-E help finding the right words for your website, take my FREE course (did I mention it was free?): https://worditude.thinkific.com/courses/create-core-messages

As Seen In…

Not Your Average Ideal Client Exercise

Most ‘Ideal Client' exercises are designed for retail companies, pitching to an audience of millions, with an eye-wateringly huge marketing budget. They're not all that suitable for solo-business builders seeking to connect with a few thousand folks.

So I've created something simpler, more effective, and actually useful for you.

Use this quick and easy exercise to create an imaginary client you can pitch all your communications to, and identify the core messages you can use to build a connection with them.

Do this before you write any website content or blog posts.

Oh, and it's free.

You're welcome.