The Worditude Business Tips And Toolkit

It takes more than hard work, enviable talent, and a stunning personality to build a successful business. Although I consider myself to be a solo-business builder, I still have a small crowd of humans and a significant arsenal of tools at my disposal. It...

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7 Signs You've Outgrown Your Website

I may have built my own website, but I'm no expert. So for this week's post about the 7 signs you've outgrown your website, I've drafted in friend, designer, and all-round wonderful person, Amber Phillips. Your website is like a living, breathing,...

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Super Simple Guide To Writing A Customer Case Study

Sometimes you get a client win so huge, or a gush of praise so lengthy, that it deserves much more than a two-line testimonial. This is where knowing how to write a customer success story (aka customer case study) comes in handy. Save yourself $$$ on...

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Testimonial Pages Are Crap | Here's What To Do Instead

Today's blog post has been inspired by a handful of recent website revamps I've worked on, each of which committed the same unspeakable crime…. a testimonial page.

Ditch that pointless stand alone page. I'll show you a more powerful way to display your testimonials.

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Why Writing A Sales Page Is So Flipping Hard

When Erin Wong from Making Mumpreneurs invited to me to take over her Facebook page for a Live video, I jumped straight into the thorniest copywriting issue of them all - sales pages! These are the three most common struggles I see business-builders having...

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