Before you invest in that $$$$ business course – read this!

🎓💵 Don’t pay out for that $$$$$ course until you’ve done these 4 things. 💵🎓 If an enticing promo for a big ticket program has caught your eye, don’t hit ‘buy’ just yet. I've got some important questions for you to help you decide if this is the right investment for...

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The Tell-Tale Signs Of Website Shame And What To Do About It

I’m still working on my website. It’s not finished yet. I’m not really happy with it. Here’s a link to my Facebook page instead. I’m getting my website fixed soon. I don’t like what the designer did with it. I’m getting new photos soon. I can’t tell you how many times...

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Loving Your Work | Redbubble

A good chunk of my Christmas spending took place on a website called Redbubble. My 10 year-old is obsessed with a rather niche game called Subnautica, and RedBubble is the only place I could get official merchandise for it. So while it was necessity that forced me to...

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