How would you like a steady flow of prospects, so eager to work with you that you never need to have a sales conversation again?

The right content marketing strategy for your small business can turn your website into a client magnet. You can make your ideal client come to you, so you can spend less time marketing your business, and more time doing the work you love.

Want to know more? Stick with me and I'll walk you through how this works and what you need to do next in this beginner's guide to content marketing.

Content Marketing: Attracting customers by delivering free valuable content

Worditude's Three Principles Of Online Content Marketing

You can create online content that works for you 24/7, attracting the right clients to your business. You make the effort to create the content once, and the content keeps working for you around the clock (long after you've closed the laptop lid and slipped into your bunny onesie).

Here's how that works:
#1 You can grow your business and make more money by building relationships with your prospects.

#2 You can build these relationships be creating online content that helps them get to know you better.

#3 Your online content reflects the real you, in all your credible, likeable and value-adding glory.

Your client's journey that looks like this:

Content Marketing Journey

Content Marketing For Small Businesses

There are dozens of different components that you could add to your content marketing strategy (social media, app development, brochures), but as you are looking for a steady flow of customers rather than global domination, I'm going to concentrate just on the core areas.

What's right for your business may be different, but these are usually a good place to start.

Content Marketing Essential #1 - Your Website

This is your CV, business card, and shop all rolled into one (not your shop window, more on that later).

Your website needs to communicate:
♥ What you're selling.
♥ What makes you the right person to provide that product/service.
♥ That you are real, friendly, approachable human being.
♥ What the next step is for the reader to take.

DO: Infuse your website with your own unique style and personality. You're not a corporation - don't try to sound corporate.
DON'T: Use the pronoun ‘we' unless you are a team of people rather than a solopreneur (please don't we on your website).
More helpful info here: Essential Ingredients For Your Minimum Viable Website

Content Marketing Essential #2 - Your Blog

If your website is your shop, then your blog is its window display - it's the interface you use to show your audience what you've got to offer and why it matters to them.

Your blog serves a number of functions:
#1 Attracts search engine traffic by ranking for keyword phrases commonly searched by your target audience.
#2 Helps your website's overall search engine rankings by adding fresh content.
#3 Demonstrates your status as a credible expert by providing accurate, valuable information to your target audience.
#4 Helps your audience get to know you better by sharing the occasional personal story.
#5 Helps you reach a wider audience by creating content that can be shared over social media platforms.

For the love of all things chocolatey keep your blog attached to your main website, not on a stand-alone domain (see functions 1 and 2).

DO: Use your blog to create a library of useful material.
DON'T: Use your blog as your own personal soapbox.
More helpful info: Complete Guide To Blogging For Solopreneurs

email marketing

Content Marketing Essential #3 - Your Lead Magnet + Email Nurture Sequence

Most people who land on your blog/website will like the cut of your jib, but not be quite ready to shove their hands in their pockets, drag out the credit card and do business with you.

You need some way of keeping track of who these people are, staying in touch, and helping them warm-up to you until they are ready to make a purchase. This is why you have an email marketing list.

You add a form to your website for people to subscribe to your newsletter, although many businesses now offer an ethical bribe (the lead magnet), a freebie in exchange for the email address.

The email address is then entered into a short nature sequence that helps the prospect get to know you and your business better, tells them a little about what you do, and invites them to engage with you.

This system for nurturing the client relationships is very versatile. You can:
♥ Run multiple lead magnets and nurture sequences at one time.
♥ Use them to promote launches and events.
♥ Boost your email list by promoting the lead magnet with Facebook ads.

DO: Set up a form so your readers can join your email list asap. The sooner you start collecting address, the quicker your list will grow.
DON'T: Wait until you have a lead magnet and 21 stage email sequence perfectly formatted and ready to go. Start simple. Enhance later.
More helpful info here: Getting started with your lead magnet + nurture sequence.

Other Forms Of Content Marketing For Small Businesses

Any other point of contact you have with your audience, prospect or ideal client is an opportunity to market your business. That doesn't mean sell or spam. It means gently nurture the relationship so you can convert complete strangers into raving fans at a pace that's comfortable to you both.

Podcasts, infographics, videos, webinars - anything you create for your target audience to consume can be included in your content marketing strategy.

My most popular freebie ever, Generate A Year's Supply of Blog Posts, can be used to create a list of dozens of content marketing ideas, for use on your blog, or whatever platform you prefer.

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