This is probably the shortest guide to affiliate marketing every written - I just want to cover the basics so when I write ‘affiliate link’ next to a link, you know what I mean.

Sometimes when I link to a book or product I love, I use an affiliate link.

This means that I may earn a commission for anything bought via that link.

The person doing the buying never pays anymore, regardless of whether they arrive at the site via an affiliate link or take themselves to the website directly by typing the url into the browser.

The commission is paid from the seller’s profits, as a thank you for me doing some of their marketing for them.

There’s three things I want you to know about affiliate marketing (making money by promoting someone else’s stuff), which is why I am writing this (very short) blog post.

#1 I won’t ever use an affiliate link for a product I haven’t used myself and loved. I just won’t. Unless I’m linking out to a helpful book - because I can’t read them all - and you’ve got reviews there to tell you whether it’s any good or not.

#2 When you’ve built a solid reputation and plenty of traffic to your blog, and an engaged email list, spend some time looking into affiliate marketing opportunities for your business. You can use it to make money from commissions as an additional passive income stream.

#3 If you create an affiliate programme for your own products/services you can get other people, with large audiences, to sell your stuff for you - helping you boost your reach and your income.

If you really want to get into it the two biggest names in affiliate marketing are Smart Passive Income and ProBlogger.

Or for a lighter read, I’ve added a couple of affiliate marketing books to the Worditude Book List over on (this is an affiliate link) and (affiliate link).

So now you know.