This week I learned how to find group boards on Pinterest.

I am no way claiming to be a Pinterest expert - I am the shiniest, freshest newest newbie you could ever imagine.

But I noticed that the experts I was learning from tended to skip over this simple step, because it was so simple. Instead, they just told me to ‘join Group boards'.

Group boards are a great way to get your pins in front of more people, and may result in re-pins from influential pinners.

But ‘join Group boards' - was not helpful advice to me. After some more reading and joining yet another social media course, I uncovered this little nugget of wisdom.

So here's how you find group boards on Pinterest, so you can join them.

To get yourself started, go to my Pinterest boards and click on the group boards I'm a member of (after you've ‘followed' me of course).

I told you it was simple.

Good luck with your pinning.

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Find and join group boards Pinterest

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