Firstly, please notice that this is an actual list of different ideas, it is not just a few ideas rehashed umpteen different ways to make it look like 32 ideas.

Secondly, before you jump in and start hunting for your next list-building lead magnet, please heed this:

Do NOT make a super-duper, but totally unrealistic promise just to get them to hand over their email address, and then fail to live up to the hype. Because now you have a new subscriber who doesn’t really like you very much.

Do make a lead magnet that:
* Is quick to consume, asking for only a 30 minute to 2-hour time investment from the subscriber.
* Is actionable, generating an immediately noticeable outcome.
* Solves a specific problem with a specific solution for a specific segment of your target market.

And remember to promote your new freebie far and wide - it's no use to you hiding on the hard drive of your computer.

Right, onwards with….

32 Lead Magnet Ideas

The most effective lead magnets are often a combination of ideas, smooshed together in such a way as to make them extra-specially attractive and useful for the target audience.

Combine and adapt these ideas however you wish, to make them work your business.

1. One pager cheatsheets
2. Mindmaps / blueprint / diagram - some visual representation of a complex idea
3. Toolkit or list of resources
4. Training or demonstration video
5. Free trial
6. Discount/free shipping
7. Quiz - ‘which Disney princess are you’ - follow up with a report according to the result
8. Test/assessment - a measure of their user’s potential or how well they are doing something, then ask for their email address so you can send the full report or result
9. Your catalogue
10. Template (or a collection of templates)
11. Swipe file of examples you can use - recipes, headlines, social media updates
12. Scripts - for pitching, for discovery calls, for replying to ‘how’s your diet going’
13. Calendar - not a blank one! One with workouts, recipes, activities - whatever it is you do, show them how it can be worked into their life.
14. Planner - templates + lesson showing how to do the planning process
15. Workbook/worksheet - to help you complete a specific task/overcome a particular challenge
16. Calculator/spreadsheet/calculation/budgeting tool
17. Gated content - lump all your free content into one place, password protect it and give access in exchange for email address
18. eBook - but beware these can be a bit long on information without creating any measurable benefit for the reader.
19. Report with data, or case study - share your experience or the output of a survey (beware this carries the same risk as with an eBook).
20. Printable poster - a pretty visual reminder, checklist or motivational quote, and include your branding so the user is reminded of you every time they look at it.
21. Audio file - a meditation, or an exclusive interview.
22. Digital prettiness - wallpapers for mobile phones, desktops, screensavers.
23. Sample - a smaller version of your physical product, a chapter from your book, a lesson from your online program.
24. Email course - this works quite well for things when a small amount of information or encouragement can be delivered consistently, for example with life coaching, nutrition, personal training.
25. Free email consult or call - be careful with this though, or you could find yourself fully-booked with freebie-hunters, and no time for paying clients. It may be better to build your email list using other techniques, then make this offer to nurture the relationship
26. Recording of previous webinars/live events.
27. Just offer your newsletter - sometimes people just wanna stay in touch and they don’t need a bribe.
28. Giveaway- but beware you may not be attracting the right kind of people to your list.
29. Manifesto - printable that knits together your tribe.
30. Access to free Facebook Group
31. Add to a waitlist
32. A webinar

That should be enough for you to get going on.

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