Would you like to make money writing online content?

Are you feeling fed up of fairy tales about Internet millionaires, and sales pitches for hugely expensive training programs?

I’ve got three pieces of good news for you:
#1 It is possible to make a decent income writing online - I know, because I do it.
#2 I’ve got nothing to sell you - I’m not here to ask you for any money.
#3 I’m happy to share my story - so you can skip some of the more frustrating stages and jump to the money-making part asap.

Once upon a time, I had a promising corporate career, a middle management position, and a handsome salary + bonuses.

But alas, this ideal sounding scenario was not compatible with my actual real-life so I had to ditch it to be at home with my young children.

Thus began my fairly desperate quest to find the much sought after ‘work-from-home income’ (about as easy to find as unicorn poop).

It took me around 5 years to go from a crummy online job earning £2 per hour, to regularly making £1,000 per week as a digital copywriter.

It’s not enough money to make me rich.

It’s not enough to make me a glittering success story.

But it is enough to keep me out of a ‘real job’.

And it’s a good deal more relatable than promises of £100,000+ per year.

OK, that’s enough of this jibber jabber.

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Make Money Writing Online

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