Before you go splashing out $£$£$ on a premium copywriting course, read this.

If you’re flying solo in your business venture you’ll be hands on with everything. One thing that many struggle with is writing. Of course you can outsource it to someone fabulous like me, but for many entrepreneurs, that’s an occasional luxury rather than a long-term solution. Upgrading your web writing skill can seriously boost your business prospects.

You’re Ready To Go Premium If…

There are dozens of free resources out there, but maybe you want to go premium if:
* You know that you will be doing a lot of your own writing OR you want to make money online writing for other businesses.
* You’ve exhausted the free resources and want more help.
* You’d rather invest money than time, skip the free bit and get straight to the good stuff.

The list of courses that follows is not exhaustive, but these were my favourites. I’m not comparing them, because each course has different learning outcomes and methods of delivery (it’s an apples and pears situation).

In the interests of transparency I want to let you know that I am an affiliate for some of the courses listed. That means if you buy through my link, I am rewarded with a commission (you do not pay a penny extra). This did not influence which courses I included on the list, but it will help pay for the time I've spent researching, writing and maintaining this guide.

5 Crucial Questions Before You Invest

When you find a course that looks like a good fit for your needs, ask these questions. If the answer isn’t obvious in the promo materials, take the time to email the provider.
* Can you download the material and keep it, so you can access them offline, or if the course provider goes AWOL?
* When they update the course will you get access to the upgraded materials?
* What support, both technical and mentoring, is available?
* Is there a Facebook group or forum as part of the package? Will this help or hinder you?
* Do they have a money back guarantee?

The Best Online Copywriting Course Is….

….whichever one best suits your needs. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. There’s no one-best-course. So get clear on what you need to learn, and how you prefer to learn it (reading/audio/video/exercises), and take a tour around what’s on offer.

Copywriting Secrets: How to write copy that sells

Website: Udemy*
Instructor: Len Smith - 40 years marketing experience, and 20 years running his own copywriting business.
Price: £93

There are plenty of writing courses on Udemy (feel free to search for them yourself). This one looked to be the best fit for entrepreneurs and aspiring copywriters.

Delivered over a number of short videos (total time 3 hours), this course gives guidance on how to write most of the types of content you will be tackling on a daily basis, including:
* Knowing the audience
* Creating headlines
* Structuring your sales copy
* Getting to the benefits
* Creating press releases
* Case studies as promotional material
* Writing video scripts
* Writing white papers

If you want a quick start to writing persuasive copy, content designed to sell a product or entice an audience, this is a good place to start.
A good place to begin.
web writing course

Be A More Successful Copywriter

Website: Copywriting Academy
Instructor: Andy Maslen - author of five books on copywriting, trained more than 1,000 copywriters and runs his own copywriting agency, so he knows about copywriting.
Price: Start from £97 + VAT

If you want to get started as a freelance copywriter, or seriously uplevel your selling skills, this is a great place to start. This is a seriously comprehensive course created by an expert copywriter.

CopyBlogger Authority

Instructor: Brian Clark, founder of Copyblogger plus a huge team of online marketing experts
Price: $55 per month

This is not just about copywriting. Your subscription fee buys you access to an enormous library of learning materials that teaches you how to produce better content for your blog, website, social media and more. If you’re business model is ‘be an expert in something - sell my expertise - go and tell the Universe that I am an expert’ then this package would be a great fit for you. It’s called Authority, because it will help you become an authority. I’m a fully paid-up member and have built my business around what I've learned from this resource.

Damn Fine Words

Instructor: James Chartrand, expert copywriter, problogger and regular contributor to Copyblogger.
Price: $1395

This course is the full shebang: web copy, blog posts and newsletters. James will show you how to write content, then how to create a sustainable routine so you can do it again and again. The course consists of 20 lessons delivered over 10 weeks. Enrollment is open in February and September. If you join the waitlist* (there’s no commitment to buy at the end of it), you’ll get emailed free learning goodie from James.

Writing With Flair

Website: Udemy*
Instructor: Sahni Raja, teaches advanced writing skills to journalists at top publications including Bloomberg News, The Economist and the Financial Times, and at leading global companies including Microsoft and IBM.
Price: £230

This course is not about marketing, it's about writing beautifully, learning how to structure your content and make your writing simple, clear, and elegant. It's all about a love of words and beautifully styled communication. If you’ve got the foundations in place but you want to write with a little more finesse, this is the one for you.

Level 4 Copywriting Diploma

Website: College Of Media And Publishing
Instructor:Justine Holman
Price: £294.50

If you were the type of student who hankered after an A* at school (yep, that was me) then you'll know nothing quite beats the buzz of gaining yet another accredited qualification. This course is suitable for anyone who is already reasonably good at stringing a sentence together, but wants to take it to the next level and start making money from their writing.

And The Winner Is…

It’s your money. It’s your call. But even beyond the financial investment, consider the time you will need to invest in these products. Do you need a short sharp lesson to help you write one particular type of content, or are you ready to embark on a longer-term learning journey to up-level your communications skills.

Need Something Written Right Now?

Perhaps you don’t have time to learn now and you just need to get something out there. I can help with that. Find out more about my 1-1 copywriting and content marketing services here.

* Starred links are affiliate links. This means that if you buy anything through the link I may be paid a commission by the website owner, at no extra cost to you. You can find out more about affiliate marketing here.