Hi, I'm Laura. I'm a digital copywriter, owner of this small business, mum and home-schooler of two boys, keen climber, lover of cats, terrible baker, excellent maker of curries.

I help business owners write the words for their website, blog posts, marketing emails and social media.

Before you hide under the table muttering “no writing, I can't do the writing, the writing is too hard”, please trust me - if you want to write your own online content, you can.

You may feel stuck, awkward and lost for words right now, but I've helped hundreds of entrepreneurs find their writing mojo, get the words out of their head and onto their website, and even sprinkle in glimpses of their own fabulous personality too.

I love helping business owners write content that connects with their audience….especially when it results in feedback like this…

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I run this tiny business alongside home-educating my two boys. I don't have time to do ALL. THE. THINGS. And I don't have the budget to plough $$$ into online ads.

Instead, I focus a few hours a week on creating marketing content that builds my audience, nurtures our relationship and converts them into paying customers.

If that sounds like the kind of marketing model you'd like to use, then hit the button below and get started now for free.

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Grab a cuppa and come and read my backstory, so I can reassure you in a professional, yet entertaining manner, that I do know what I'm doing.

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