I help small business owners write their online content so they can use their website to attract new customers like ants to ice cream.

Ten years ago I was trapped in a grey office, writing internal communications that met strict corporate guidelines (shudder).

This is a story about how I escaped my cubicle, abandoned a steady salary, and leapt off my career ladder, so I could build a business I love, helping other business-builders build their businesses using the magical connection-creating power of words (sorry, I love alliteration and tongue-twisters).

Time For The Backstory

Once upon a time, when I was a good girl and did what was expected of me, I went to university (King’s College, London) to study for a degree in Business Management.

business degree

Then I joined a financial services company and worked hard as a Marketing Executive, Project Manager, and later became a Communications Manager.

I was good at my job drafting internal communications, helping senior leaders get their message across, and keeping my colleagues up-to-date with project plans and progress. But I felt constrained by corporate guidelines, and uncomfortable with the pervasiveness of ‘positive spin’.

I grew tired of working in a job that required me to leave my personality in the car park.

And I could no longer face working in a grey building with grey carpet, grey walls, grey cubicle dividers, grey desks, and grey blinds at the grey-tinted windows. The only thing that wasn’t grey was the suspicious-looking brown fluid dispensed by the ‘coffee’ machine - but that tasted grey.

So I quietly quit, started an adventure to be my own boss and bought a real coffee machine (because coffee is important).

The Adventure Begins

For a few years I freelanced for digital marketing agencies writing web copy for dozens of businesses, and then I set up Worditude Ltd so I could have more control over the businesses I worked with (one more damp-proofing website would have taken me to the brink of insanity).

Captain Of My Own Ship, Creator Of My Own Destiny…..am I maybe over-egging this a little?

After writing more than one million words of web copy over 7 years, I ended up specialising in sales pages and launches. But it wasn't floating my boat.

I decided I wanted to spend less time helping already mega-successful business women make even more money, and more time connecting with solopreneurs like me, in the earlier stages of their business-building.

So I packaged up all the templates I had been using with my clients, and everything I knew about digital copywriting and content marketing, to create the Worditude VIPs.

If you are struggling to create content that connects with the same power as a real-life conversation - I can help.

If you don’t know what you want to say on your website, or how you want to say it - I can help.

If you’re selling your business short because you struggle to sell yourself - I can help.

Your personality is what makes your business uniquely fabulous.

Let it shine out from your online content for all the world (and thousands of potential clients) to see.

The Official Bio

The bit where I awkwardly write about myself in the third person

Laura has written over a million words of copy for websites, blog posts and social media content, while working as a digital copywriter.

She has a First Class degree in Business Management (King's College London), an Award in Direct and Digital Marketing (Institute Digital Marketing), a Diploma in Copywriting (College of Media & Publishing), a Certificate in Content Marketing (Hubspot), a Certificate in Email Marketing (Hubspot), a full clean UK driving licence, a Diploma in Insurance (you never know when one of those might come in handy), an Associateship of King's College (philosophy & theology), 5 A-Levels, 10 GCSEs and a handful of Girl Guide badges.

For more information about working with Laura click here.

You're Still Reading?

Guess that means you want to dig right into the juicy personal stuff.

I'm 37 years old and I live in a seaside town in Essex, UK, with my husband (Dan), our two sons (Sam & Callum), and our tabby cats (Poppy & Flossie).

I love cycling along the beach, walking along the beach, and drinking coffee while sitting on the beach. The sound of the waves crashing against the shingle is my second favourite thing to listen to - my first favourite thing to listen to is my sleeping children (I love them the most when they are asleep).

Simple pleasures, like family movie night, make me happy. Being hungry, cold, or too hot make me mad.

Sitting on the sofa, book in one hand, coffee in the other, birds singing in the garden, children playing in the next room - that is where I find my heaven.

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