How Often Should I Post To My Blog And Social Media

How much free content do you need to create each month to successfully market your business?

How often should you publish on your business blog?

How often should you post to your Facebook page?

What about emailing your list? Tweeting? Going Live?

In this video, I discuss the three factors that influence how much free content you should be creating for your audience.

Text highlights below for folk who don't want to watch the video.

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Mid-Launch Lull: What it is and how to survive it

Shortly after the initial excitement of launching has worn off, fear of failure will set in hard. This usually coincides with the Mid-Launch Lull in sales. In this video I explain why sales take a nose-dive after launch day, and what you can do to recover....

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Please Don't We On Your Website

I can fully appreciate the appeal of sprinkling ‘we's all over your website. You want to sound big, credible, reliable. There's strength in numbers, depth in a team, and a hint of success in the pronoun ‘we'…

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The Wonderful World Of Worditude: Behind The Scenes

I’ve had plenty of compliments about my site, and a few enquiries about how I run the show here. Thanks, I’m flattered. To save myself time I thought it would be easier to put all my resources and services in one place. I’m not saying these will be right for your...

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Projecting Your Personality Online: Putting You Back Into Your Business

Want to know how to create online content that connects with the same power as a real-life conversation? The secret ingredient is…..YOU…

Your personality. That's what makes you so magnetic, engaging, attractive to your clients in real-life. And it's exactly what you need to add to your online content to help your prospects fall in love with you.

Here are six tips to infuse your content with your stellar personality:

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5 Tips For Prolific Blogging

Tania Angelis, is one of the most prolific content creators I've ever come across. In awe of her focus and output, I invited her to share some of her wisdom.

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Lessons To Take Into 2016

With a few simple questions, I’m going to help you discover what you need to do more of, less of, or completely differently in the New Year.

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Blogging From Your Darkest Corners

I'm fairly confident Mr Fitzgerald was not referring to blogging, but I'm using the quote anyway: Some of your best blog posts will come from the darkest corners of your being.

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Keep Going: A Lesson From The School Of Life

Invest 154 seconds of your life in this video, and never feel despondent about your work again. OK, sometimes you will still feel out of your depth, but then you'll remember this cute motivational lump of plastic, and you'll drag yourself out from under the desk, load up the laptop and crack on.

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Blogging: Not Something You Should Bother With

Can’t get motivated to write your next blog post? Is it glaring at you menacingly from your ever increasing to-do list? And when you finally muster the strength to visit your blog, the last post was published so long ago, just looking at the date makes you cringe. You...

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Why Blog Content Doesn’t Need To Be Unique

Are you looking around at your competitors thinking ‘by Jingo what could can I possibly write about on my blog, it’s all been done before?” Good news friend, your content doesn’t need to be unique, it just needs to add value. Let me explain. I’m a big F1 racing fan....

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How Online Marketing Works In Just Five Words

Stuck for words when it comes to your blog posts? When building a website, writing a blog post, or planning social media content it can be difficult knowing what to say and how to say it. Once you understand how online marketing works you’ll never be stuck for words...

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How I Exploit People Per Hour In My Marketing Strategy

Yep, I shamelessly exploit my People Per Hour account for marketing purposes. I'm not there to hustle for work. I don't waste hours pitching for low paid jobs I stand no chance of getting. And if you're doing those things - STOP. Right now. Because I've got five...

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Build An Online Reputation You Can Be Proud Of

Once you're confident about how your brand looks and sounds, it’s time to get loud, proud and recognised. These resources can help you build your reputation as the go-to expert in your industry. When prospective clients Google your name, you want them to find more...

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How To Get Creative When You’ve Lost Your Oomph

Struggling with a touch of writer’s block? Have no fear, Worditude’s here to blast away those mental obstacles and power up your creativity. This five step process will have words falling out of your brain faster than you can say ‘creative constipation consternation’...

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Make Pro Images With These Great Graphics Resources

Not good with graphics? Me neither. I’m definitely a words, not pictures, girl. But a website without pictures just looks a little flat, so I’ve had to learn fast. I’m no graphic designer, but I have found a few tools and services online that have helped me create...

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