Do you ever come across a post on Facebook you’d love to share to your page, but you don’t want to have it publish right this very second?

Do you know how to schedule a post from someone else’s Facebook page, to your page, to be published in the future (aka not sharing right away using the ‘share’ option)? Without paying for a social media management tool?

Here’s a quick(ish) video to show you how it’s done.

♦ Tip: Use Facebook lists to curate content to share to your Facebook page

*** Don't Miss This Facebook Page Tip ***

Can potential customers quickly get from your personal Facebook profile to your business page?

Make it easy for them to get stuck into your business goodness by placing a link to your Facebook page right at the top of that list of info on the left-hand side of your personal profile.

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You can:
- Pin it! (I even made a pretty pin for you!)
- Share or leave a comment on this Facebook post
- Share it to your favorite blog + biz Facebook group
- Tweet it!

It won’t take more than 10 seconds of your time. The share buttons are right here.

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