Let's Collaborate

Hello there person-from-the-press.

I'm Laura, the founder (and only human at) Worditude and I love to help small businesses get more customers using the words on their website.

I'm available for comment, chat and feedback on matters related to:
♦ Online marketing
♦ Business blogging
♦ Running an online business
♦ Using social media in your business
♦ Working with international clients from the comfort of my own shed-office
♦ Juggling children, family-life and running my own business
♦ Juggling cats and running my own business (not literally juggling the cats, the cats are safe and are not being thrown about - but they are quite distracting and demanding)

Reading the stories of other brave self-employed folks gave me the courage to dump-off my own job and go it alone.

I'm very happy to keep spreading the message of entrepreneurship by sharing my own story + online marketing advice for other small businesses.

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Bio For Me

Laura Robinson is a digital copywriter and content marketing strategist. She helps small business owners use their website to connect with more customers.

Laura has written over a million words of copy for websites, blog posts and social media content, and helped more than 100 small business owners upgrade their online content.

She has a First Class degree in Business Management and an Award in Direct and Digital Marketing, a full clean UK driving licence, a Diploma in Insurance (you never know when one of those might come in handy), an Associateship of King’s College (philosophy & theology), 5 A-Levels, 10 GCSEs and a handful of Girl Guide badges.

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