When you started your own business did you realize there’d be quite so much writing?

Sales pages (shudder), social media updates, marketing emails, blog posts, website copy, lead magnets, landing pages…

And how are you supposed to make your sparkling personality come across in a slab of black and white text?

Especially when you’re stressed out from trying to find the right words, wondering if you’ve included all the relevant info, trying to press all the right conversion triggers……all while positioning yourself as a friendly, credible expert.

Let me help you with that.

Hi I’m Laura, founder of Worditude.

I’m an experienced and over-qualified copywriter (seriously I have a weird and ridiculous addiction to taking exams and collecting certificates).

Over the last 3 years I’ve worked with 100+ business owners, helping them write their online marketing content and website copy with confidence and style.

I’ve created workbooks for the 5 most common copywriting crisis business owners ask for help with, so that whenever I get an SOS message I can respond with the same reply - ‘it’s in the toolkit’.


I need to write/re-write my website content. What do I put on each page? How do I get started?

The Ultimate Website Content Planner - Printable workbook with templates and instructions to help you write your Home, About, and Services pages for your website.

I’m launching a new program / course / membership - I need a waitlist page, launch emails and sales page…...ideally I’d have them yesterday.

Prepare For Launch - Includes templates for your waitlist and sales page, plus help for launching your new program, course or membership. Start generating anticipation for your lovely new thing, warm up those leads, then seal the deal with a high-converting sales page that says all the right things (I literally cannot count how many launches and sales pages I have worked on - all that wisdom has gone into this workbook).

How do I turn mildly-interested website visitors into paying customers?

Leading To Sales - This workbook will help you write all the copy for:

  • A lead magnet that meets your ideal customer where they’re at right now and gives them a taster of your expertise.
  • Follow-up with emails that help them know, like and trust you, warming your new subscribers up until they’re ready for the sale.

What should I write on my blog & social media?

Write Your Regular Marketing Content - In this workbook, I’ll help you decide where you should be focussing your creative efforts, how to come up with content ideas that your audience wants to see, and how to get it all written on your blog (even if you’re a podcaster / Youtuber).

What should I send my email subscribers after the auto-responder sequence has finished?

Magnificent Marketing Emails - This workbook will help you write regular marketing emails so you can stay in touch with your subscribers without constantly pushing for the sale.

Plus - Upgrade your copywriting skills with these three bonus workbooks

Transform Your Text - 12 steps to pump personality into your writing

Follow this 12 step process to write content that’s clear, engaging, and communicates your stellar personality to your online audience.

Emotive-Words Cheat Sheet - 1000+ words to generate 11 different emotions in your readers (not all at the same time)

Make them curious. Make them angry. Make them hopeful…take a look around at the most engaging content you can find online - the stuff that grabs your eyeballs, stops you scrolling, and hooks your attention for at least a minute (which is eons in the digital terms) - they all have the same thing in common - they make readers f-e-e-l something. Use this enormous library of feeling-forming words to find vocab that best matches your brand/vibe/style, then use the words sparingly in your copy.

Sales Page Seasoning - Spice up your sales copy by appealing to our natural human desires

Includes 40+ words to use instead of overwhelmed, 20+ words to avoid completely, and 200+ words that motivate buying decisions.

AND….. My eyes on your copy!

Pick a website page or blog post (but this works best for About and Sales pages) and send me the raw copy (on Word, Pages or Google Docs) and I’ll dive in leaving comments, making suggestions and giving feedback. This is where the magic happens! Tiny tweaks to your content can make a huge difference to the impact it has on your readers.

That’s a shed-load of value for $97

Yep - You get 12-months access for $97

(option to renew every 12-months for just $27)

Click the button, head to the checkout on Thinkific. If you’ve ever signed up for a free or paid course/bundle from me before, log-in to your existing account. Or sign-up for a new one.

This is for you if…

You're a freelancer


You run an online service-based business (coach, consultant, graphic designer, website designer, social media manager, VA, nutritionist)


You offer a course, group program or a membership.

Alas, this probably isn’t for you if….

Your run a retail business (online or physical) or a high street business*.

*You’re more than welcome to buy the Toolkit and take what works for you, but not all will be relevant, as it was created with online service-based businesses in mind.

Double-Bubble Guarantee

30-day money-back guarantee. It’s hard taking a punt on a digital product you can’t see or touch - so here’s my guarantee…

I want everyone who buys this toolkit to have a minor freak-out (in a good way) when they first dive in. I want you to feel excited to get started, and relieved at the huge range of content templates now at your disposal. I want you to feel confident about creating content that connects with your online audience.

But, if for whatever reason, you buy the Toolkit and you feel more ‘meh’ than ‘woo-hoo’, I want you to get in touch. I’m happy to help you get started with the workbooks, I’ll even jump on a quick call. And if you still feel the Worditude Copywriting Toolkit won’t help you market and grow your online business, I’ll give you a full refund.


Will you give me feedback on my copy?
When you buy the Worditude Copywriting Toolkit, you also get access to a Copy Consult on one website page or blog post. I’ll take your page of text and add comments, suggestions and feedback. This gives you a taster or what the Worditude Club members enjoy every week. If you’ve got a stubborn sales or landing page that isn’t converting, and you need my help with it right-this-very-moment, take a look at the Copy SOS package.
Will you show me how to write a sales page?

Yes! The Ultimate Website Content Planner has a template for your Work With Me page, and for a Lead Generation page (when you want people to book in for a free call, or download your pricing brochure). The Prepare For Launch has a template for a page designed to sell/convert right there on the page- ideal for memberships, courses and group programs.

Will you do it for me?

Yes, I can write your website copy, sales page or marketing content for you. Prices start from around $1500 for a sales page, or $550 per month for a marketing content retainer package. You can find out more here.

Why is it not lifetime access?

Because - what does that even mean? That usually means the lifetime of the product - which means the business can take it down, and revoke access whenever they want to stop selling it. I’m promising to keep it available for 12-months from your day of purchase. And you’re welcome to download all the workbooks for personal use. Just before the 12-months are up, you’ll be invited to renew for just $27 for another 12-months.

I’m a website designer - this would be great for my clients - can I download it and use it with them?

You can buy the Toolkit on behalf of your clients at a very affordable rate. I work with a number of web designers who find the Toolkit helps their clients create the content needed to complete new website projects - so they can get builds finished more quickly. Happier customers, quicker projects, better quality websites - how good does that sound? If you’re website designer and you’d like to offer the Toolkit your clients, fill out your details here (https://writewithworditude.com/webdesigner) and I’ll be in touch.

$97 for 12 months

(option to renew every 12-months for just $27)

Click the button, head to the checkout on Thinkific. If you’ve ever signed up for a free or paid course/bundle from me before, log-in to your existing account. Or sign-up for a new one.