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Hi, I’m Laura, a digital copywriter and creator of copywriting courses for entrepreneurs.

I’ve spent the last 8 years creating online content, including dozens of damn fine sales pages. I’ve written sales pages that have generated $10,000+ each, but I’ve also written sales pages for launches that fizzled out and crashed into an embarrassing heap on the ground.

Those experiences taught me something important: A Super-Hot Sales Page Alone Will NOT Secure A Steady Flow Of Customers For Your Business.

There’s so much more to making a sale than pressing the right pain points.

To sell your stuff online your website needs content that:
❤️️ Creates connection between you and the reader - they need to love you so much they want to give you money.
🎓 Positions you as a friendly, approachable, credible expert - yep that is a delicate balancing act, but it’s totally doable.
💵 Clearly explains the ways someone can work with you - because when you have multiple packages and offerings, it’s easy for the reader to get in a muddle and leave.

The right website content can build your audience, your expert reputation, and your income.

You can create online content that turns strangers into superfans, so you can enjoy a steady flow of new customers, income and glowing testimonials - like this:
(I’ve created a course for each of the steps)

The Worditude VIPs is NOT a DIY study program

The VIPs are a small, exclusive tribe of entrepreneurs who get hands-on help from an experienced digital copywriter and content strategist (that’s me).

If you’d like copy-editing support and help creating your email marketing, blog, social media and website content, then this is an affordable way to add me to your team.

VIP membership includes:
♦ Access to every Write With Worditude course to help you write your website content, emails, blog posts and more.
♦ Copy-editing support - send me your draft and I’ll apply my professional touch.
♦ Help planning your online content - drop into any of the live clinic video chat calls to speak with me face-to-face (via our screens), drop me an email, or post in the private Facebook group - I’m never far away.

A Day In The Worditude VIPs

I’m writing this content at 5.58pm on Monday 1st October.

On today’s VIP drop-in call:
♦ Cr got help deciding on a domain name
♦ Ch and I came up with a plan for her future blog and Facebook content to help build an online audience (she’s moving a very successful in-person business model, to an online proposition)
♦ Ra got ideas for a ‘doors closing’ sales email
♦ S needed help with a social sharing tool on her blog
♦ F got inspiration for writing a script for a sales video

And via email I’ve provided feedback, tweakings and input for:
♦ Ry’s weekly marketing email
♦ Cr’s book cover blurb
♦ Sh’s sales page

It’s been a busy day, and I’ve loved it.

I love how a few minutes of my time, and a little effort from my brain can make a big difference to my VIPs and their businesses.

I love the wide variety of businesses I work with, and how my VIPs are all over the world (animators and animal trainers, coaches and membership site owners, service-providers and training-creators).

I love watching each VIP gain confidence with their writing and content creation, until they’re coming up with their own ideas, and can see the content marketing potential of just about every event, meeting, or achievement in their business.

I love connecting with my VIPs and helping them connect with their audience.

I love using my training, knowledge, and experience to help other people make it as their own boss.

I’m sorry - I didn’t mean to gush, and I’m not usually that soppy. But really, I can’t believe this is what I get to do all day.

The number of VIP spaces available is carefully managed.

At the end of this month I’ll take on a maximum of THREE new VIPs (the rest of the month, the doors are closed).

Each new VIP gets a 20-minute kick-starter call with me, so we can create a plan of action, and you can get immediate value from your subscription.

Places are limited so I have the time, energy and headspace to get to know my new VIPs and give them the hands-on help they need.

The subscription is $97 per month (with no tie-ins, you can cancel future payments at any time).

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