Website content in need of a makeover?

If your website copy no longer reflects you and your business, it’s time for an update.

Maybe your website copy was written in a hurry?

Maybe your business has evolved?

Maybe you’ve got a clearer idea of who you want to work with?

So now your website needs a revamp, and you need copy that connects with the same power as an in-person conversation.

Let me help you with that.

Resources Mentioned In The Video

You’re paying to give that website a home (its hosting) so it needs to be working hard for your business.

The website checklist pdf will help you assess whether your online home needs a slight polish or a complete overhaul and show you where to turn your attention too first.

I also have these blog posts which will help you write your website content:
♦ Here’s 3 simple changes to make your services page more effective
♦ This is why writing your About page is so flipping awkward
Please, please don’t use this word on your website

Copywriting Toolkit For Small Online Businesses - So you can do it yourself - $97

For an instant upgrade to your copywriting skills, website copy, and online marketing content, get yourself the Copywriting Toolkit. This beautiful bundle includes workbooks to help you:
♦ Rewrite your website content (inc Home, About and Sales templates)
♦ Launch a new course/membership/package
♦ Turn visitors into leads, and then buying customers
♦ Send marketing emails to your list
♦ Make effective use of your blog.

Get all the info here.

Join Worditude - $97/month

The best way to improve your copywriting is to practise and get constructive feedback from an expert (that’s me).

Join Worditude to get instant access to all my templates and tutorials, so you can write your own website copy and online marketing content. Membership includes copy-editing by me, plus access to me via video calls.

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