Website content in need of a makeover?

If your website copy no longer reflects you and your business, it's time for an update.

Maybe your website copy was written in a hurry?

Maybe your business has evolved?

Maybe you've got a clearer idea of who you want to work with?

So now your website needs a revamp, and you need copy that connects with the same power as an in-person conversation.

Let me help you with that.

Resources Mentioned In The Video

You're paying to give that website a home (its hosting) so it needs to be working hard for your business.

The website checklist pdf will help you assess whether your online home needs a slight polish or a complete overhaul and show you where to turn your attention too first.

I also have these blog posts which will help you write your website content:
♦ Here's 3 simple changes to make your services page more effective
♦ This is why writing your About page is so flipping awkward
Please, please don't use this word on your website

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For a ridiculously cheap price, you can get your hands on the Touchstone Copywriting Course + The Ultimate Website Content Planner + The Client-Attracting Marketing Workbook. This is everything you need to start writing with confidence, clarity and style, so you can create your own website content.

Rewrite Your Site Coaching Package - $395

We start with a 1-1 call to talk through your Customer’s Journey, who they are, what they need to hear, and the role you play in their transformation.

Then you use my tutorials and templates to write the key pages of your website: About page, Sales and Services pages, Home page, and Lead Magnet opt-in. You can book in for a quick video call whenever you need help/guidance/feedback. And I will copy-edit all your copy, so your website has professional quality content, and you can see for yourself the finishing touches that will take your writing to the next level.

We finish up with another 1-1 call to develop a manageable marketing routine that will generate a steady stream of visitors to your website.

You'll get 12-months access to every Write With Worditude course, plus a 12-week window for us to work together, including 1-1 video calls, email support, and copy-editing.