As a digital copywriter, I've written more than one million words of web copy, for dozens of business-builders.

I noticed that when they told me about their business, they spoke with clarity and energy. But when they tried to write the words for their website and online marketing, they struggled to communicate clearly with their audience.

And that difficulty created huge gaps in their marketing.

Splashing out on a single professionally written sales page would not be enough.

They needed a complete marketing eco-system to turn strangers into superfans…

so I created the Worditude VIPs - a monthly subscription that gives you access to:
♥ Me - for a hands-on help polishing your web copy, mapping out your customer journey, and planning your content marketing
♥ Every Write With Worditude course - templates and tutorials to help you write your key web pages and essential online content.

There are three ways you can get started…

Online Content First Aid Kit

All my best free resources in one place, tackling the top 5 online content emergencies:
♦ Website copy
♦ Business blogging
♦ Launching a new product/package
♦ Email marketing strategy
♦ Writing with confidence and style

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website content planner

Ultimate Website Content Planner

Write your website for under $30 with this printable workbook created to give a super affordable solution to new businesses. This combination of templates and questions will help you pull together the web copy for your Home, About and Sales pages.

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Become A Worditude VIP

Get access to every Write With Worditude course plus hands-on support from me, including copy-editing your work AND the opportunity to speak to me at any or all of my three drop-in clinics each week. Doors open for last 72 hours each month.

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